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In an industrialist San Francisco loft, a curtain is used to divide the living area, offering privacy and a simple design transition between the rooms. The bookcase is a custom design, the sculpture on the floor is Odalisque I by Manuel Neri and the floors are polished concrete.

Diy Room Divider Curtain Room Dividers Ikea Divider Panel Divider Doorway Curtain Temporary Room Dividers Room Divider Headboard Wooden Room Dividers Hanging Room Dividers Sometimes you get bored of your open kitchen or decide to have a seperated diningroom or need a space to place your desk in your livingroom.

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Sliding hanging room dividers can be a solution for breaking up a large space or can be used to provide privacy in a small space. The panels move easily across a hanging track, much as a curtain would move on a long curtain rod.

WAREHOUSE CURTAINS AND INDUSTRIAL DIVIDER CURTAINS. Tarps Now can provide a wide variety of industrial curtains for use in spaces and places ranging from workplaces to warehouses. Made of heavy-duty industrial vinyl, these divider curtains provide privacy and enable you to create different temperature-controlled zones in your space,

Bookshelf walls are one temporary option for dividing rooms, but they won't help you cut down on noise. For that, you might consider sound-dampening curtain room dividers. The material used in a curtain room divider is thicker than standard curtain fabric and manufactured to absorb sound.