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wang shu erects san-he housing prototype in sifang park

China has many different geographical and weather conditions along with a wide variety of lifestyles. In this collection, you can have a glimpse of the most stunning folk residences in China.

These are 15 small house designs that you might like. We all have dream houses to plan and build with. We all start from a picture or a design that we like and then we work, we save and find a way to make them come true.

Although the three-bay house and its elaboration in the form of courtyard houses were the basic module of Chinese architecture, there was a great deal of regional variation. Looking at the variation of house design can tell us a lot about climactic differences throughout China, as well as the different aspirations of people from different regions.

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New Luxury Chinese Interior Design in 10 Pictures That You Should Know. These Chinese designs don't really remind Asian minimalism, that we are used to see. The sheer style, sophistication and brilliance combined with black and white shades bring the feeling of luxury, comfort and balance in the same time. Find here some interior design tips!

A group of Han Chinese known as Hakka originally built these study clay houses more than a millennium ago after they migrated south to escape wars and unrest. These structures are three or four floors high, and are in enclosed round or rectangular designs, which helped protect from invaders.