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Although costs vary with the size and complexity of the project, remodeling an existing basement starts at about $20 per square foot, a fraction of what it costs to build an addition or enlarge second-floor space with . dormers. And as we show here, basements can be turned into any one of several living areas.

Absolutely! There's a reason you rarely see basement space under a garage, even on new construction. Cars are heavy! They require a great deal of support underneath, and that's best provided by undisturbed earth. In order to put a space underneath

To people reading these answers and rough $ amounts - note the original question included in his desired scope of work, adding 8 feet to the back of the house with basement. For 1100SF house, lets assume maybe around 40LF back wall assuming single-story house - so 8x40=320SF NEW basement and addition, which would normally be from about $30,000-100,000 depending on construction type and local building costs.

We do the digging, get any permits (if needed, adding a basement usually falls under a different category than "new construction" so much of the red tape is eliminated) Adding a basement is much cheaper 22 thoughts on " How to Add a Basement to An Existing House

Why Build a Basement? Many people have the idea of a basement as a dark, damp, mildewed, musty smelling place under the house where the water heater, furnace and creepy crawlers live. In the past, they were often called cellars, and were most useful to store food that needed to be protected from the extreme hot or cold weather.

Re: How to build foundation under current home? A project I looked at a while ago got around this problem by installing earth anchors to support the house while they dug the basement out and poured new foundation walls.