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Welding table kits for everybody. Custom fixture tables and jigs built to order.

Sheet metal for the shelf. Adjustable feet and inserts. If you weld on a regular basis then you may consider purchasing a welding table, but these can be very expensive. As you're already a skilled welder you can actually make your very own table at a fraction of the cost.

You don't need a metal welding table to weld, But! Working in a shop or garage without a welding table can easily be done. I've been doing it most of my life. But, I've always wanted one. There has always been a desire to build one. There were a thousand instances where I've said to myself, "A welding table sure would

Step 4: Now make the welding table legs. You will need to brace these legs using angle iron: 1 foot of the .75 x .75 x 1/8 inch angle iron. Step 5: Take your steel sheet which is the 16 gauge sheet and weld it into position. This is in position to protect your legs as you work on your projects.

In addition to the basics, every welder needs a welding table to help them get started. It's an essential piece of being a successful welder and offers many benefits. A metal table allows you to easily ground your work and is sturdy enough to handle the toughest welding jobs - plus, it's easy to make on your own.

Tab and Slot Methodology is used throughout to make it brain dead simple to build a quality tool that lasts forever. Internal webbing forces the table flat during assembly and keeps it that way for years of trouble free and accurate welding. 16MM holes on 2" centers fit all Strong brand clamp and tools, and allow for infinite fixture positions.